Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Mistakes Were Made

quote [ Technology vendors like SAP may rake in billions of dollars a year helping big companies build complex tech infrastructures, but they screw up—often. ]

baader meinhof style
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ubie said[1] @ 10:33pm GMT on 22nd Jan
I have worked closely with procurement departments in literally dozens, if not over a hundred companies in the last four years. Almost all of them use SAP for *something*, and not one of them work properly. There's always some work around, some completely failed module, or some abandoned bit of software.
Problem is the other options are as bad, or worse.
LurkerAtTheGate said[1] @ 6:33pm GMT on 23rd Jan [Score:1 Insightful]
10y ago i got a job building an in-house data management system. I left after 4y, and a year later was hired back at more pay to build a new one from scratch as a SaaS to basically insulate most of a corporation's users from having to interact with SAP.

This turned into a cofounder job at an independent startup with some biiiiig clients using the thing I built 5y ago. It takes product data from SAP, makes it viewable to biz users and sales dudes, and adds a bunch of other crap. Not a small part of what my software does is de-stupidify the nonsense of these seriously huge companies' SAP systems. Need an attribute that means 1 thing for one product, and something else entirely for another? Their SAP Admin just reuses an existing attribute. Good luck realizing "COLOR" means color for one thing, and means "FRAGRANCE" for something else. Ugh.

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