Sunday, 12 January 2020

The Man Who’s Spending $1 Billion to Own Every Pop Song

quote [ Music mogul Merck Mercuriadis raised hundreds of millions of dollars to buy the rights to hits by Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. Is he… ]

Welcome to current day Feudalism
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Menchi said @ 7:37am GMT on 12th Jan
-- Claims to be not materialistic because he wears black and doesn't own a car
-- "Ultimately, his to own 15% to 20% of the overall publishing market."

The absolute compartmentalization at play here, with an emphasis on "mental"
cb361 said @ 9:55am GMT on 12th Jan
I think that any of the mega-rich who destroy lives, ruthlessly pursuing more and more wealth, even though it can’t have an appreciable effect on their quality of life, must have some mental issue going on. This is opposed to the just-very-rich who ruthlessly pursue more wealth to improve their quantity of lives, who are just cunts.

I haven’t read the article, but I assume that at least a ‘music mogul‘ isn’t grinding a workforce to dust or poisoning ground water for his avarice, which virtually makes him benign.
Pandafaust said @ 4:52am GMT on 14th Jan
From my (external, not being mega-rich myself but knowing some) observation - I think that as you get wealthier you are then exposed to more wealthy individuals - both due to moving into that area, but also being invited to the right parties, being introduced as an up and comer by people who want to give you a leg up or fulfill a fantasy of being a kingmaker, by the circles that you become part of at work as you progress into different levels of management.

People perceive their own wealth and station in comparison to those in their immediate vacinity. I know multimillionaire CEOs who regard themselves as impoverished, because they are on the bottom of their immediate social rung.

Still probably takes a certain type. I am not mega rich, but I am more than comfortable. Not 1% but nearing (this isn't my perception, I have looked at the stats). I certainly found that as my wealth improved, the amount I thought about financial matters decreased. But I can't deny that it is slightly uncomfortable that most of my friends have more than I do. I just keep it in perspective thanks to a Chardonnay-socialist upbringing.

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