Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Unjust Deserts

quote [ Cities move to ban dollar stores, blaming them for residents’ poor diets. ]

Down to the dollar store
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yunnaf said @ 5:41pm GMT on 7th Jan [Score:2 Good]
"in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, ...the food-desert narrative ...is fundamentally incorrect."
The US does not have a food culture. Asians, Middle Easterners and French incorporate food as part of their way of life, worth spending money and time. For many Americans, a meal is just something to get out of the way, like taking a dump or piss. For those who don't have enough money for food to survive, choices are ugly.
Even the soup lines in France serve decent food, unthinkable in America, yet America is sooo rich and food ingredients are cheap and good quality.

Don't blame the Dollar store.
Hugh E. said @ 9:57am GMT on 7th Jan
Well, that was some bootstraps bullshit pity the poor corporations string of drivel.

Your point?
5th Earth said @ 12:49pm GMT on 7th Jan
Okay, but this doesn't exactly solve the problem of food availability and affordability.
ethanos said @ 10:23pm GMT on 7th Jan

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