Sunday, 15 December 2019

How the Fossil Fuel Industry Is Attempting to Buy the Youth Climate Movement

quote [ As COP 25 wound down, with key issues unresolved, Thunberg was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. In a speech at the U.N. the same day, she referenced the way corporations and politicians have co-opted her words. “Those phrases are all that people focus on. They don’t remember the facts, the very reasons why I say those things in the first place,” she said. “I still believe that the biggest danger is not inaction — the real danger is when politicians and CEOs are making it look like real action is happening when, in fact, almost nothing is being done apart from clever accounting and creative PR.” ]

Fossil fuel production on track for double the safe climate limit - I've included this in the extended before, but it's rather relevant.
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[by steele@9:12pmGMT]


rylex said @ 12:40am GMT on 16th Dec
gaping hole filler attempt.

or we could wait 5 years till it wont matter and kill the politicians and ceos then. because america! thats how we get shit done. over responding after the fact
steele said @ 11:57am GMT on 16th Dec
Oh, you mean the current plan.
rylex said @ 12:54pm GMT on 16th Dec
i thought the current plan was do nothing and bitch about the problem and millenial's misguided attempts to fix said problem
steele said[1] @ 1:35pm GMT on 16th Dec
Well, that's their plan, aka adaptation. I'm just extrapolating the current path we're on and the likely outcome of shit getting bad very, very fast. Thanks to various factors I'm seeing much, much more socially accepted talk of violence against the people stopping positive and productive changes from happening. Unfortunately, we're likely way past the point where that will stop extinction, but if we're lucky we might go down supporting each other rather than as suffocating slaves.

In the meantime, please enjoy this public service announcement.
The Coup - 5 Million Ways to Kill a C.E.O.

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