Thursday, 5 December 2019

George Zimmerman sues family of Trayvon Martin, publisher, prosecutors for $100 million

quote [ George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted of homicide charges in the 2012 fatal shooting of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, is suing Martin’s family, prosecutors and others involved in the case he claims rested on false evidence, according to a copy of the suit sent to the media Wednesday.

Zimmerman is represented by Larry Klayman, a high-profile legal crusader tied to conservative causes and the founder of Judicial Watch before splitting with the activist group. ]

And what fine upstanding citizen doesn't want to make money off of the family of the boy he killed?
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Dienes said @ 1:18am GMT on 5th Dec [Score:3 WTF]
Its worth reminding people that he sold the gun he used to murder a child for a quarter million.

He's a goddamn sociopath and I hope they will be able to countersue for every bit of that fucking blood money.
hellboy said @ 3:03am GMT on 6th Dec [Score:1 Insightful]
I knew he had sold it, but I didn't realize for how much. The really disturbing thing is that there's at least one asshole (let's be real, there are a lot more than one) willing to pay $250K for it. That's end-stage capitalism in action.
hellboy said @ 12:39am GMT on 5th Dec [Score:2 Funsightful]
I will honestly be surprised if Zimmerman lives out his natural life instead of being shot to death. After all, according to Florida's stupid fucking Stand Your Ground law anyone having an interaction with him now would reasonably fear for their life, which means that it would be nearly impossible to convict them of Zimmerman's murder. I think it's ironic that the same law that kept him out of prison also means he's effectively walking around with a bullseye on his face.
endopol said @ 2:44am GMT on 5th Dec [Score:1 Original]
Live by the s-word (standyourground), die by the s-word.
snowfox said @ 1:30am GMT on 5th Dec [Score:2]
I am still gobsmacked there are people who think this guy is defensible. He stalked a child by following him in a car, got out and confronted him, then shot him over what he started. And his justification was that he thought the child stole Skittles (he didn't) and saw himself as a neighborhood watch despite having no authority.

This should not have been covered by stand your ground. Zimmerman went looking for trouble and acted as a vigilante.

I am not sure what people stand to lose by admitting we kill innocent black people... except maybe it threatens a cornerstone of their internal world model.
EvilNinjaX24 said @ 5:31am GMT on 5th Dec
This is America - nothing shocks me about what goes on here anymore, much less the support of the murderer Zimmerman. This is our reality now.
robotroadkill said @ 3:29am GMT on 5th Dec
I'm pissed I have to hear that fucker's name again.
biblebeltdrunk said @ 4:46am GMT on 5th Dec
Oh, of course this was brought by Larry Klayman, the guy who tried to citizen's arrest Obama and put up with Laura Loomer long enough to represent her.

Push for a federal anti slapp statute.

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