Monday, 19 August 2019

The three words that can save your life

quote [ Police want everyone to download a smartphone app they say has already saved several lives. ]

Pretty clever, wouldn't be surprised to see this become ubiquitous.

I want my location to be ///go.fuck.yourself.
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[by hellboy@2:43amGMT]


Paracetamol said @ 4:14am GMT on 19th Aug [Score:1 Informative]
So after looking it up, interestingly the coordinates in other languages are totally different words– maybe because you can't directly translate all of those.

Diceware passwords use a similar method to generate long, easily memorizable passwords from dice combinations, BTW.
Jack Blue said @ 6:09am GMT on 19th Aug [Score:1 laz0r]
Makes me wonder.
Shoot drones here
I am hiding
Do not come
Well this sucks
Hastur hastur hastur
Terrorists main hideout
Bat country here
Here be dragons
cb361 said[1] @ 2:18pm GMT on 19th Aug [Score:1 Informative]
Most of the fun words seem to be excluded.

Beware.filler.rabbit in China.
dangerously.excited.mouse In Alaska
Chronic.fatigue.syndrome in the Atlantic ocean
Highlander.swords.fight in Canada in Brazil
eagle.beak.laser In Alaska
weird.vegetable.brain In Australia in australia
Tomb.raider.franchise in Guyana
Harder.deeper.harder in Essex
Love.this.stuff in Bedfordshire
Sensible.elect.shun in Alaska
Menchi said @ 7:55am GMT on 20th Aug [Score:1 Informative] is on a mountainside in British Colombia-- a good place to build up some speed on your katamari, no doubt.

final.fantasy.tactics is in a National Park in Colorado. is in southern Britain, sadly nowhere near Hollywood.

going.going.gone is stuck between San Fransisco and San Jose.

cb361 said @ 8:53am GMT on 19th Aug [Score:1 Funny]
I am currently at Daring Lion Race. Even the ground I stand on is more metal than I can ever hope to be.

This is an interesting idea. We should do this for telephone numbers as well.

“Call me at Paedophiles Welcome Here”
conception said @ 6:23pm GMT on 19th Aug [Score:1 Insightful]
We sorta did in the past -
avid said @ 4:08pm GMT on 19th Aug [Score:1 Informative]
The big problem with this system is that the words are too long or obscure. It'd be very hard to tell someone one of these codes over the phone. The problem is only worse in other languages, which have fewer words.

The company also has a model where they sell access to the API. Imagine if the post office charged people a nickel to find your house.

Google (disclaimer: I work for them) has a system that works in Google and Google Maps, but is entirely open and uses just letters and numbers and optionally a nearby place name. Lookup "JMC2+67 Seattle, Washington" or "J4MM+CX Gjoa Haven, Kitikmeot". It also supports relative lookup in a 50km radius or so. Just browse the map and enter the code with no place name.

conception said @ 4:45pm GMT on 19th Aug
Read this a while back on W3W -

Some of it is "Get off my grass" but it has some good points regarding issues like the planet's crust moves all the time, etc etc.
steele said @ 5:46pm GMT on 19th Aug
Officer.I'm.White. 💁‍♂️?
donnie said @ 10:56pm GMT on 19th Aug
Ridiculous. It would be far better to have a centralized emergency services app that could just transmit your location data directly, without needing a human to speak some secret code words over a telephone. Developers keep mulling over ways to make people more effective at things they're crap at rather than simply taking them out of the loop completely.

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