Friday, 9 August 2019

Scientists Discover Prehistoric Giant 'Squawkzilla' Parrot, As Big As Small Child

quote [ The flightless bird weighed 15 pounds, was about 3 feet tall and probably feasted on other parrots. Study lead Trevor Worthy made the discovery after examining two 19 million-year-old leg bones. ]

Uhm I think parrots are danky
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zarathustra said @ 8:36pm GMT on 16th Aug [Score:1 Good]
Here is the grandfather of all parrots. He must be a thousand years old! Look at the evil wisdom of his eyes. What mysteries do you guard, Wise Devil?
daffyduck said @ 9:45am GMT on 17th Aug
Yagkoolan yok tha, xuthalla!
snowfox said @ 1:48am GMT on 10th Aug
Not directly related, but article made me think of something that crosses my mind as a weird metric for time and lifespan:

If any of us were to get a new-born parrot today, we would have to plan for that parrot's future in our wills and in the event we enter longterm care and the parrot can't come.

To live as long as a parrot born today, I would have to make it to 103 years old or more.

So, SEers, how old are you relative to a parrot's lifespan? :D
Onix said @ 4:26am GMT on 12th Aug
I can only think that Polly would want a cake instead of a small coockie.
mechanical contrivance said[1] @ 1:15pm GMT on 12th Aug [Score:1 Funny]
Polly wants a cracker, and she means a white person.
Onix said @ 10:23pm GMT on 12th Aug
A racist parrot. Oh God.

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