Wednesday, 10 July 2019

'We Welcome Their Hatred': Sanders Unveils Anti-Endorsement List of Billionaire CEOs and Wall Street Bankers

quote [ Asking the American public to judge his 2020 Democratic presidential campaign by both its supporters and its powerful enemies, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday unveiled an "anti-endorsement" list consisting of prominent billionaires, Wall Street bankers, and corporate CEOs who have attacked his candidacy and policies. ]

Loving the energy. He's running a much less restrained campaign this time.

Luckily, we're fortunate enough that the media is showing no bias this election season.

New Math: 8 Million people aren't millions.

More New Math: RIP the concept of a second place.

Also, polls are hard and confusing.

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backSLIDER said @ 4:25pm GMT on 11th Jul [Score:1 Interesting]
NOVA: Prediction by the Numbers | Netflix is worth the time. it really highlights what people need to remember when looking at polls and poll numbers.
steele said @ 2:01am GMT on 11th Jul
steele said @ 3:42am GMT on 11th Jul

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