Wednesday, 10 July 2019

'We Welcome Their Hatred': Sanders Unveils Anti-Endorsement List of Billionaire CEOs and Wall Street Bankers

quote [ Asking the American public to judge his 2020 Democratic presidential campaign by both its supporters and its powerful enemies, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday unveiled an "anti-endorsement" list consisting of prominent billionaires, Wall Street bankers, and corporate CEOs who have attacked his candidacy and policies. ]

Loving the energy. He's running a much less restrained campaign this time.

Luckily, we're fortunate enough that the media is showing no bias this election season.

New Math: 8 Million people aren't millions.

More New Math: RIP the concept of a second place.

Also, polls are hard and confusing.

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backSLIDER said @ 4:25pm GMT on 11th Jul [Score:1 Interesting]
NOVA: Prediction by the Numbers | Netflix is worth the time. it really highlights what people need to remember when looking at polls and poll numbers.
steele said @ 12:50am GMT on 31st Jul
I just watched it. Not bad, but really disappointed they cut short any real decent exploration into Machine Learning. The dangers alone could easily fill another episode. I've got The Great Hack on Netflix queued up for a rainy day after hearing some decent stuff about it going into Cambridge Analytica.
steele said @ 2:01am GMT on 11th Jul
steele said @ 3:42am GMT on 11th Jul

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