Monday, 17 June 2019

SE Digest: Volume 44 (Part 10 of 10)

quote [ Love you all. SE is still great, you know, in my eyes. I still love it, and hopefully it'll be around for a little bit longer for us all so we can enjoy it and enjoy each other. ]

That is that.

In this final part to my 44th Volume of the second resurrection (third coming!) of the SE Digest, you'll find the usual shenanigans as well as talk about being hungover, the current state of SE as I see it, discovering some of you are actually listening to this silly mess (apologies, steele, if I broke something on the website while making this discover...), and plugging my book one last time before it goes out of print.

Quick aside: I decided to start labeling these posts as SFW, as there is nothing in the actual posts (except some profanity) that isn't safe. I don't recommend listening to this podcast at work without headphones, though, unless you have very tolerant co-workers.

Running time: 51m22s

Intro: J.W. Wargo - Avoiding Mortimer ONS Track 2 - Theme
Outro: J.W. Wargo - Avoiding Mortimer ONS Track 8 - Afterlife Inc. Muzak

SE DIGEST ARCHIVE (for all volumes of the podcast)

Avoiding Mortimer by J.W. Wargo (Print book available on Amazon until June 30th)
J.W. Wargo's Bandcamp (Companion audiobook and soundtrack to book)

[SFW] [do it yourSElf] [+1 Good]
[by JWWargo@1:01amGMT]

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