Sunday, 9 June 2019

The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds : 56 - Newport Sex Scandal

quote [ In 1918 two men who met at the San Francisco YMCA leased two flats at 2525 Baker Street, where they held private parties for gay men and offered rooms for gay men to have sex in private. In February, the San Francisco police morals squad and US Army police began their siege.

As men entered the house they were locked up in rooms as prisoners and questioned until they signed confessions, gave the names of their friends, and surrendered personal letters and address books.


Using the names extracted from the arrested men, the San Francisco morals squad began a campaign to round up a second wave of homosexuals who could provide them with even more names. They began to hunt down men in other cities and on military bases. Eventually, in the second wave, 20 more men were arrested; Including 2 cops on the beat in the Baker Street neighborhood.

In 1919, the state Supreme Court ruled that the charges brought against the arrested men for committing acts of fellatio were invalid because the California legislature had just passed an Anti-Spanish law requiring that state law had to be written in the English language. And the word fellatio could not be found in the English dictionary. ]

History of some attacks on homosexuality for Pride Month. And the ineptitude surrounding them. ;)
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