Wednesday, 15 May 2019

A History of Cribs and Other Brilliant and Bizarre Inventions for Getting Babies to Sleep

quote [ Generations of parents have relied on contraptions, both clever and crazy, to give their infants—and themselves—some rest ]

Babies needing cribs, let's go!
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Dienes said @ 1:02pm GMT on 15th May [Score:1 Underrated]
Ugh, they call it an air crib everywhere in the body text and then refer to it as a "Skinner Box" in the image caption. C'mon, woman! The only similarities between the operant chamber and the air crib was the fact that they were box-shaped and one side was clear.

The air crib has safety glass sides to improve visibility and eliminate the possibility of getting a head or limb stuck, as can happen with traditional cribs with slats. The air crib had higher sides and/or a ceiling (to prevent climbing over and falling out), and was noticeably raised compared to traditional cribs, so parents didn't have to bend or stoop so much.
Dienes said @ 1:52pm GMT on 15th May [Score:1 Good]
In an effort to provide content, Deborah Skinner talks about her dad's crib:
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:06pm GMT on 15th May
I assume you mean context, but content works, too.
Dienes said @ 7:57pm GMT on 15th May
No, I meant content. But context works, too.
lilmookieesquire said @ 4:54pm GMT on 15th May
Oh ya? Well I heard you went insane and sued your father. (I kid, I kid.)

I mean I spent a few months in an incubation chamber myself and I’m perfectly farbledignlebarfnana.
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:32pm GMT on 15th May
Just tie the baby to the radiator. It'll be fine.
Hugh E. said @ 4:16pm GMT on 15th May
Relatedly, one of the best episodes of television.
Mad About You S06E09 The Conversation - video dailymotion
Here Paul and Jamie have an uninterrupted 20-minute conversation in front of Mabel’s bedroom door, trying to train Mabel to learn how to sleep on her own.

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