Thursday, 2 May 2019

Nearly 300 Quarantined On Reported Church of Scientology Cruise Ship For Fear Of Measles Outbreak

quote [ Nearly 300 passengers and crew members aboard the Freewinds cruise ship—which, according to Coast Guard officials, shares the name of a cruise ship operated by the Church of Scientology—were ordered quarantined in the port of the Caribbean island St. Lucia over an apparent measles case, according to NBC News. ]

Measles make you bumpy
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endopol said @ 4:07pm GMT on 2nd May [Score:2]
First ten words of the headline make sense on their own.
ComposerNate said @ 11:41am GMT on 2nd May [Score:1 Funsightful]
thoughts and prayers
cb361 said @ 4:16pm GMT on 2nd May [Score:1 Funny]
A week in quarantine will pass like nothing at all, compared to your billion-year contract.
shiftace said @ 10:37am GMT on 2nd May
They just need to find the SP on the ship and make them walk the plank. If Ron was still here, then whoever reported this negative PR would already be regretting it.
knumbknutz said @ 8:55pm GMT on 2nd May
For some reason, this made me think of an interview I saw with Tom Cruise. It was at least 10 or 15 years ago, and every question that was asked during it got a literal answer of "that's fake science" and "that's fake news."

Seriously - the fucking guy was saying trump-tweets 10 years before trump started doing them on twitter.
gendo666 said @ 7:32am GMT on 3rd May
They should nuke the ship from orbit
- it's the only way to be sure.
(and it might deal with the Measles as well)
WeiYang said @ 10:19am GMT on 3rd May
i guess St. Lucia doesn't want people from shit hole countries bringing in disease.

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