Thursday, 28 March 2019

The Real Problem With Trigger Warnings

quote [ Alerts about classroom reading have been accused of weakening America’s college students. But they might not do anything at all. ]

Trigger warning: you still have to jack off a horse.

Personally, I require a trigger warning before every trigger warning because gun violence.
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5th Earth said @ 2:52am GMT on 29th Mar [Score:1 Underrated]
Really there's no point unless the reader has the option to avoid the content entirely. It makes sense there's not much benefit in telling someone they are about to read something upsetting, then making them read it anyway. The primary value is in warning someone and then letting them make an informed decision about whether or not they want to proceed.
knumbknutz said[2] @ 2:20pm GMT on 28th Mar

(Jacking off horses is a well respected and necessary practice)
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:37pm GMT on 28th Mar
Maybe food should come with trigger warnings, for those with lactose intolerance, IBS, or GIRD.
Hugh E. said @ 3:36pm GMT on 28th Mar
1.Food does come with warnings.
2.That is not what "trigger warning" means.
3.It's GERD.
mechanical contrivance said @ 3:49pm GMT on 28th Mar
I was joking.
Hugh E. said @ 4:10pm GMT on 28th Mar
my bad
Hugh E. said @ 4:15pm GMT on 28th Mar
I think the OP article just had so many presumptions and assumptions about a thing that prompts so many presumptions and assumptions I rushed.

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