Wednesday, 9 January 2019

President Trump says he's "cutting off FEMA funding to California over fires"

quote [ President Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning that he is cutting off FEMA aid to California over the state’s deadly forest fires. ]

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By Kathleen Ronayne Associated Press January 09, 2019

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump threatened Wednesday to withhold money to help California cope with wildfires a day after new Gov. Gavin Newsom asked him to double the federal investment in forest management.

Trump once again suggested poor forest management is to blame for California’s deadly wildfires and said he’s ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency to stop giving the state money ‘‘unless they get their act together.’’

FEMA could not immediately comment because of the government shutdown. Trump has previously threatened to withhold wildfire payments but never followed through

Newsom, a Democrat who took office Monday, said Californians affected by wildfires ‘‘should not be victims to partisan bickering.’’

Trump’s tweet came a day after Newsom and Govs. Jay Inslee and Kate Brown of Washington and Oregon, respectively, sent a letter to the president asking him to double federal funding for forest management.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, special counsel Robert Mueller’s most visible protector, is expected to leave his position soon after William Barr is confirmed as attorney general.

Newsom noted that California has pledged $1 billion over the next five years to ramp up its efforts, which include clearing dead trees that can serve as fuel.

More than half of California’s forests are managed by the federal government, and the letter noted the U.S. Forest Service’s budget has steadily decreased since 2016.

‘‘Our significant state-level efforts will not be as effective without a similar commitment to increased wildland management by you, our federal partners,’’ the letter read.

In a Tuesday event on wildfire safety, Newsom had praised Trump for always providing California with necessary disaster relief funds.

In November, the deadliest U.S. wildfire in a century leveled the California town of Paradise, killing 86 people and destroying about 14,000 homes. Trump toured the fire devastation with Newsom.
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Ankylosaur said @ 11:40pm GMT on 9th Jan [Score:2]
I wonder what the final death toll of the Trump presidency will be.
WeiYang said @ 12:44am GMT on 10th Jan [Score:2 Underrated]
GWB got re-elected AFTER the "Mission Accomplished" moment and Abu Ghraib. Never assume that it has to get better.
Fish said @ 4:01am GMT on 10th Jan [Score:-4 Boring]
filtered comment under your threshold
backSLIDER said @ 10:38pm GMT on 9th Jan [Score:1 Underrated]
What a fuck nut.
ComposerNate said @ 10:06am GMT on 10th Jan [Score:1 Insightful]
President Trump says people who did not vote for him can die in a fire.
ooo[......7 said @ 11:06pm GMT on 9th Jan
As a Californian, I am quite upset.
mechavolt said @ 11:39pm GMT on 9th Jan
This has to be illegal in some way, yes? If Chris Christie's administration can get in trouble for traffic jams, surely we have some mechanism to prevent this?
lilmookieesquire said @ 12:43am GMT on 10th Jan
He ordered FEMA to do something during the government shutdown. Wow. Such effect. Much politic.
the circus said @ 8:02pm GMT on 10th Jan
It's the coup. He's got the shutdown, he's got the military furlough, he's got rid of top military leaders in case people realize what he's doing. He's now finding nuts to squeeze in the most influential liberal states to keep them in line (cutting off FEMA aid to California is the first of these). Next will come government action by emergency executive order, for government functions to work. And so the functions will be entirely by executive mandate, no checks or balances or democracy. As this stretches on for years it'll become the new normal. And by the time there'd be another election, either it won't happen or it'll just be a sham. That’s the point people will finally start saying hey wait a minute… This *is* the coup.

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