Friday, 4 January 2019

Japanese Buddhists take to internet to show 'I can do it in monk's robe' - ABC News

quote [ Japan's monks are taking to social media to show how flexible they are in their traditional garb in response to one of their own being fined for driving in a robe. ]

Now if he wasn't wearing those robes or anything, it would be a different story.
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ethanos said @ 2:30pm GMT on 4th Jan
but can they meditate in a leisure suit?
Kama-Kiri said @ 5:00pm GMT on 4th Jan
Japanese priests drive in full formal dress all the time, some even ride scooters. They get called on to officiate funerals and related prayer rites, which are usually performed at the deceased's home.

I can't imagine any police officer writing up a traffic violation, so I imagine the original incident has more to it than what was translated.

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