Tuesday, 18 December 2018


quote [ The votes are in. . . ]

Told me I had to have comments.

daffyduck NAY
conception NAY
shiftace NAY
R1xhard YEA
endopol YEA
arrowhen YEA


endopol, its up to you now. All your training has led up to this moment. Choose 4 more agreeable knights for this mission.

After everyone fights a bit though, please.

[SFW] [Mafia] [+1 Good]
[by ooo[......7@10:23amGMT]


ooo[......7 said @ 10:24am GMT on 18th Dec
endopol please elect 4 knights for a quest
endopol said @ 9:09pm GMT on 18th Dec
arrowhen said @ 10:17pm GMT on 18th Dec
A team with no baddies AND a chance to prove my innocence against daffyduck's vile accusations? It's a Christmas miracle!
shiftace said @ 10:49pm GMT on 18th Dec
I'm good with this team. If it fails we can still pass on aw.
conception said @ 4:32am GMT on 19th Dec
Don't like it. I feel like aw is telegraphing a "pass" vote to get to the final Round to fail that one.

Apologies AW if you aren't. Just seems like you are.
shiftace said @ 5:05am GMT on 19th Dec
If it passes or fails we still can use our no votes later to skip someone. Using all our skips now would lock us into a path we can't change. endo is making some sense now with his choices and I would really like to see how this plays out.
arrowhen said[1] @ 5:09am GMT on 19th Dec
You're giving me too much credit. I'm feigning excitement so I can bitch and groan more bitterly when this team is inevitably declined. :(

Here's what's going to happen: this team gets shot down, I could nominate a team of puppies and kittens and give everyone $100 bribes and it STILL gets voted down because daffyduck's smear campaign has been so successful, then daffy gets to pick our last chance team that we have to accept matter what, and then we lose.
ooo[......7 said[1] @ 10:53pm GMT on 18th Dec
ooo[......7 said @ 10:25am GMT on 18th Dec
Knights, discuss vile treachery here
conception said[1] @ 4:21pm GMT on 18th Dec
Quest 1 - 1 Team Nay Vote
Quest Passed

Quest 2 -

daffyduck NAY
conception YEA
shiftace NAY
R1xhard YEA
endopol YEA
arrowhen YEA


Quest 3 Team 1

daffyduck NAY
shiftace NAY
R1xhard NAY
endopol NAY
arrowhen YEA

Quest 3 Team 2

daffyduck NAY
conception NAY
shiftace NAY
R1xhard YEA
endopol YEA
arrowhen YEA
conception said @ 4:28pm GMT on 18th Dec
Uh... not sure how AW justified that vote and with R1 picking a group that wasn't going to help in any way... I think I'm going with AW being tricksy and picking on R1 as a baddie when in fact they both are.

I can't explain the nay vote for Quest 1 though. /shrug

My current theory is Daffyace, myself and end should go.
shiftace said @ 4:59pm GMT on 18th Dec
Unless endo can start making some sense I am convinced that endo and arro are the baddies. arro just voted pass on a 4 man team he was not in so it would have been a fail if it passed and he was not a baddie. when you asked endo yesterday who he would put on a 4 man team he said everyone from the failed 3 man he was on. When I was up to bat, endos comment for the day was that he was of the opinion that it was still possible for duck and I to both be baddies even after not being on your team. R1s has been less then helpful but I don't see where he has been willfully advocating for the baddies to win.
conception said @ 5:35pm GMT on 18th Dec
I totally missed the 4 man team vote if he wasn't a baddie.

Yeah, that makes sense to me. I could see end + arro.
conception said @ 8:10pm GMT on 18th Dec
Yeah, I'm leaning end more now.
endopol said @ 10:37pm GMT on 18th Dec
As I explained yesterday, I wanted to split the two from the last quest who could have caused it to fail. At that time, I had only my phone to check names and I gleaned, wrongly, from the conversation, that it had been shiftace and daddy (from the first quest). This time, I took my time. Conception from the failed quest, shiftace the safe option, and arrowhen because I like his style.
daffyduck said @ 6:37am GMT on 19th Dec [Score:1 Good]
"...because I like his style." Hahaa! Yeah, it's just his style and not the fact that you two are in cahoots. Also, I like it how you're trying to blame your phone.
arrowhen said @ 10:35am GMT on 19th Dec
Nah, things like playing on a phone vs. a computer, time zones, available free time, etc. have a definite impact on a game like this. I've been on a road trip for most of this game and there have been several times where I've had a harder time keeping track of who said what or chose to pursue or drop a line of argument based on how busy I was IRL.

Of course, playing face to face in real time would have its own problems too; people talking over each other, mishearing each other, not being able to scroll back and see what someone said, etc.

Communication is hard.
endopol said @ 10:44pm GMT on 18th Dec
...and to raise the exploration/exploitation ratio.
shiftace said @ 5:11pm GMT on 18th Dec
im ok with that. we can still pass on AW if this team does fail and then duck and you will be up again. even if we NO on endos and AWs teams, it will have the same outcome because we will be out of No votes.
arrowhen said @ 6:31pm GMT on 18th Dec
I think daffy and r1x are the baddies, and I think it's unlikely we're going to get a team nominated without at least one of them on it.

I think we have a better chance with both of them on a team than just one or the other, because their inability to coordinate their votes means they could both vote Pass hoping the other votes Fail, or both vote Fail and out themselves.
daffyduck said @ 9:25pm GMT on 18th Dec
Nice one. Trying to coordinate your votes with endo, huh?
arrowhen said @ 9:48pm GMT on 18th Dec
Coordinate WHAT vote with endo? He and I weren't even nominated to be on a team together until three hours after I posted that comment.
daffyduck said @ 6:29am GMT on 19th Dec
Ah, but endo got to pick the team for the quest, so it doesn't really matter when you posted.
ooo[......7 said @ 10:25am GMT on 18th Dec
Everyone else, post here
lilmookieesquire said @ 5:37am GMT on 21st Dec
Did I win yet?

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