Saturday, 24 November 2018

A Country’s Identity Is Hidden in Its Camouflage

quote [ A unique online resource shows how camo can make a soldier stand out. ]

Ya gotta have camouflage
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[by ScoobySnacks@9:10amGMT]


Anonynonymous said @ 2:36pm GMT on 24th Nov
Feels a bit over analyzing to me.
Jodan said @ 6:22pm GMT on 24th Nov
Yeah he didnt really have a solid point beyond: countries and organizations identify with the camo pattern they use. I am Canadian so I think cadpat is good.
Jodan said @ 11:13pm GMT on 24th Nov [Score:-1]
shit the -1 was supposed to be for the main post, sorry Anonynonymous
dolemite said @ 8:30pm GMT on 24th Nov
Dumbest product I've seen online lately...camouflage golfballs.

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