Sunday, 11 November 2018

Dutch Prisons Are Being Converted Into Hotels And Apartments Because of Lack of Prisoners

quote [ The Netherlands has a problem with prisons and prisoners, just like any other country. But while the rest of the world is struggling with overcrowding, the Netherlands is struggling to fill its prisons. Indeed, the country is actually running out of people to lock up, such that the government has been forced to close prisons throughout the country because they have been sitting empty. ]

There are no prisons in our kingdom
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knumbknutz said @ 8:27pm GMT on 11th Nov [Score:1 Funsightful]
How the hell are they going to make a profit that way?
spazm said @ 8:39pm GMT on 11th Nov
Our prisons aren’t privately owned as far as I know, so making apartments in them is probably much more profitable. I remember a few years ago the government actually ‘rented’ prison spaces to Belgium, who had a prison shortage at that time. That doesn’t mean we’ve got a shortage on criminals though.
dolemite said @ 5:03pm GMT on 11th Nov
It's amazing what civilized countries can accomplish.
spazm said @ 6:55pm GMT on 11th Nov [Score:1 Funny]
And, as it turns out, the Netherlands isn’t doing too bad either!
cb361 said @ 11:28pm GMT on 11th Nov
When they're not held back by an Abrahamic attitude towards crime and punishment, anyway.
dolemite said @ 5:39am GMT on 12th Nov

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