Thursday, 8 November 2018

Moment man wakes from coma

quote [ A MAN left in a coma following a horror car crash has woken after 12 years โ€” to be greeted by the loving mum who never left his side. ]

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[by R1Xhard@8:30pmGMT]


hellboy said @ 11:17pm GMT on 8th Nov
If I woke up and found out who was president I'd tell them to put me back under.
arrowhen said @ 3:18am GMT on 9th Nov
Trump is president AND we're getting some shitty phone game instead of Diablo 4!? Can you put me under twice this time?
bobolink said @ 2:58am GMT on 9th Nov
This needs mountains of substantiation. People do win the lottery but this isn't it; and this type of hope feeds denial of reality.

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