Tuesday, 6 November 2018

How Bill Gates aims to reinvent the toilet

quote [ Bill Gates thinks toilets are a serious business and he's betting big that a reinvention of this most essential of conveniences can save half a million lives and deliver $US200 billion-plus in savings. ]

Shit talking by a smart man.

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[by R1Xhard@11:02pmGMT]


spaceloaf said @ 3:39am GMT on 7th Nov [Score:1 Insightful]
Mr Gates, who with wife Melinda has given more than $US35.8 billion to the foundation since 1994, said he became interested in sanitation about a decade ago after he stopped working full-time at Microsoft.

I'm strongly tempted to make a joke about sanitation and Microsoft.
(Spoiler alert, its not actually a joke.)
Ankylosaur said @ 3:15am GMT on 7th Nov
A hole in the ground ought to be enough for anybody.
R1Xhard said @ 4:17am GMT on 7th Nov
A hole in the ground.

What luxury.

I my day...
dolemite said @ 3:44pm GMT on 7th Nov [Score:3 Hot Pr0n]
...you took turns being the hole.
R1Xhard said @ 5:40pm GMT on 7th Nov
Oh how spoilt you were.

In an atomic family that would of been three square {round/oblong/liquid} meals a day.

Oh what luxury.

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