Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Wisconsin’s $4.1 billion Foxconn factory boondoggle

quote [ Gov. Scott Walker promised billions to get a Foxconn factory, but now he’s running away from it. ]

Corporate Welfare at it's best.

Followup to Foxconn could get up to $200 million in cash a year from state residents for up to 15 years
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the circus said @ 4:21am GMT on 30th Oct
There's just been a blitz of ads against Tony Evers. The amount of money being spent against him for Walker must be staggering. But under Walker we've gone a long way towards shifting from a purple state to a red state. He's gutted education, tanked a plan for light rail, made us effectively a right to work state (for which there was a recall election, he only won because people just didn't understand it it seems). I'm sure there's a lot of money coming from the right hoping for a third term to lock us into neutered education and worker influence to cement the move to the right. If we ever got a purge vote, to blacklist a person from politics for life, I'd put Walker ahead of Trump.
SnappyNipples said[1] @ 5:00am GMT on 30th Oct
LOL, there's a Foxconn in Juarez across the border from me. When it first opened up the Chinese bosses were requesting the workers to put in some unpaid overtime....the workers burnt down the front part of the office. I'm surprised its still there.

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