Friday, 26 October 2018

This ancient Greek ship is the oldest intact shipwreck ever discovered

quote [ The ill-fated trading ship has spent 2,400 years at the bottom of the Black Sea. ]

I love this shit. It's called the Black Sea because below about 200 meters deep - 90% of the volume - the water is an anoxic dead zone, which means any shipwrecks beyond that depth are preserved in brine, untouched by microbial decomposition.

It's full of hydrogen sulfide, meaning the sea itself is poisonous.

National Geographic on the same story:

"Archaeologists say the 2,400-year-old ship is so well preserved that even the mast and rowers' benches have survived for millennia."
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captainstubing said @ 12:40pm GMT on 26th Oct

This makes my little Spartan stand to attention. I love how the writer of the article clearly hasn't any clue as to what the vase painting shows...

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