Sunday, 29 July 2018

When a Stranger Decides to Destroy Your Life

quote [ Monika Glennon has lived in Huntsville, Alabama, for the last 12 years. Other than a strong Polish accent, she fits a certain stereotype of the All-American life. She’s blonde. Her husband is a veteran Marine. Her two children, a boy and a girl, joined the military as adults. She sells houses—she’s a real estate agent at Re/Max—helping others realize their own American dream.

But in September 2015, she was suddenly plunged into an American nightmare. ]

Social media opinion + random asshole = years of harassment.
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[by HoZay@6:07pmGMT]


maximumtodd said @ 10:13pm GMT on 29th Jul [Score:2 Underrated]
Another reason to stay off the FaceSpaces.
hellboy said @ 7:23pm GMT on 29th Jul [Score:1 Underrated]
This is a good example of why the push to eliminate anonymity on the internet isn't such a great idea.
Hugh E. said @ 10:42pm GMT on 29th Jul
How's that?
hellboy said[1] @ 2:34am GMT on 31st Jul
None of this would have happened if Batshit Woman hadn't been able to link Innocent Victim's perfectly reasonable Auschwitz comment to her career and personal life. BW would have had no choice but to do what she should've done anyway, shrug and move on.

(And let's not forget Guano Girl, who would have similarly been thwarted, and couldn't have objected since she was using a secret identity herself.)
Hugh E. said @ 4:26am GMT on 31st Jul
Ah, go it. Thank you.

Maybe there should be a push for mandatory anonymity.
HoZay said @ 5:01am GMT on 31st Jul
But the person who redistributed BW's slander used a fake identity, and probably wouldn't have otherwise.
hellboy said @ 5:45am GMT on 31st Jul
That's Guano Girl, who would've similarly been stymied had IV's ID been unknown. Being a pseudonymous asshole is pretty harmless if everyone else you're interacting with is also anonymous. No doxxing or swatting, for instance.
lilmookieesquire said @ 6:19pm GMT on 29th Jul

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