Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Guido Minisky / Acid Arab

quote [ The compilation Acid Arab Collections—which prominently features Syrian electronic star Omar Souleyman—is among the most exuberantly noisy and enthusiastic collections of any sort of dance music to come out in recent memory. ]

Continuing on where the last post took off, as requested, with Middle Eastern sounds. Additional links in extended.

The Acid Arab labelling is both used for remix compilations as well as the DJ collective itself.

  • Main link goes to Guido Miniskies very good mixes – the perfomances have now grown to be Acid Arab.

  • Pitchfork reviews the first Acid Arab compilation (see quote)

  • the duos mixes

  • full discography, missing some compilations on Versatile Records.

  • Current album – self-published it seems

  • The review of the original collection mentions Omar Souleyman which is so popular by now that the group has been doing larger tours and releases in the Western world. The Dabke soundtrack comes as a Syrian/Kurdish regional flavour that sounds like house music with an MC:
    Omar Souleyman - "Shift Al Mani" live at MOCAD

    Omar Souleyman - Warni Warni (Official Video)

    And, totally unrelated, this sort of remixing has been done many times before – here's DJMC Haram with a similar sound from 2013.

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    ooo[......7 said @ 7:38pm GMT on 10th Jul
    Fuck yes! I love new music.

    More please.
    Franger Sanger said @ 8:58am GMT on 11th Jul
    Yeah, I knew this was going to be good as soon as I saw Babla in one of the track listings! The accepted wisdom is that Bollywood hit its lowest point during the disco era, but I don't accept it. As evidence, here is Babla mixing classic 50s Bollywood tunes with West Indian dance rhythms in a disco style, using drums that were retunable while playing them to create a kind of proto-synthesiser sound:

    Babla - Nonstop Disco Dandia Side 1 (1981)

    Babla - Nonstop Disco Dandia Side 2 (1981)

    This is the soundtrack I hear in my head when I've got my strut on.

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