Monday, 2 July 2018

How Pro Gamers Live Now: Curfews, Personal Chefs, And All Of It On Camera

quote [ “If left to their own devices, they’ll just grind the game and interact with the same pool of people as always, because that’s what they’re used to,” he went on. “And it’s important—this is kind of where the combination of boss and parent comes in, right?” ]

This sounds like a weird way to spend your adolescence.
[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+4 Interesting]
[by Paracetamol@6:49pmGMT]


rylex said @ 7:55pm GMT on 2nd Jul
WTG video games!

Now we just need to see people awarded college scholarships for their gaming ability and have someone make a "Silicon Chips" movie about the unregulated college gaming industry.
jsabin69 said @ 5:17pm GMT on 3rd Jul
I'm too lazy to do a search but I'm pretty sure you can get gaming scholarships to a few schools as I know there are multiple schools with E-gaming teams.
discolemonade2.0 said @ 6:21am GMT on 4th Jul
fuck this made me really sad, idk why????

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