Wednesday, 27 June 2018

A top House Democrat just lost his primary — to a socialist

quote [ For those who closely watch elections, this is the biggest primary upset since then-Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated by David Brat in 2014. Brat ran on a campaign of depicting Cantor as a creature of Washington rather than a true representative of the district ]

This is how you change things,
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steele said[1] @ 3:43am GMT on 27th Jun [Score:2]
Ben Jealous won the Dem primary for Maine Michigan Massachusetts Maryland gov as well.
hellboy said @ 9:28am GMT on 27th Jun [Score:1 Underrated]
steele said @ 10:35am GMT on 27th Jun
Right. That's what I said. ;)
TM said @ 5:46pm GMT on 27th Jun [Score:1 Funsightful]
You forgot Minnesota, Missouri and Mississippi!
steele said @ 5:54pm GMT on 27th Jun
I was keeping it geographical!
HoZay said @ 9:45pm GMT on 27th Jun
They all look the same from Florida.
profetscott said[1] @ 3:06am GMT on 27th Jun
OK, this is good to see. Now have to get rid of that shummer guy with his ties to the payday loan industry.
steele said @ 3:17am GMT on 27th Jun
captainstubing said @ 11:30am GMT on 27th Jun
Politics will be very different over the next ten years. Millennials will run the show and, on the whole (yes, yes, lots of intra-group variation), they have views that diverge wildly from what has been settled policy across the board for the past 40 years. Much will change across thew whole of the western world. I think I will like the general drift of this process, even if particulars along the way give me the shits.

Of course in the U.S. this is all looking a bit shaky.
satanspenis666 said @ 10:44pm GMT on 27th Jun
I look forward to having Millennials in power.
Anonynonymous said @ 4:31am GMT on 27th Jun [Score:-1 Boring]
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kylemcbitch said @ 11:33am GMT on 27th Jun [Score:-1]
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cb361 said @ 11:35am GMT on 27th Jun [Score:-1]
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HoZay said @ 2:17pm GMT on 27th Jun [Score:-1]
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