Monday, 25 June 2018

A Disgruntled Federal Employee’s 1980s Desk Calendar

quote [ This week, an unusual offering caught my eye: an illuminated manuscript that was not medieval at all. ]

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HoZay said @ 2:48am GMT on 25th Jun [Score:3 Insightful]
Pretty entertaining, but he doesn't seem like a disgruntled employee, just an interested observer of current events.
5th Earth said @ 1:51am GMT on 25th Jun
Wish I had the money to buy that.
yogi said @ 4:48am GMT on 25th Jun
Cool graphic? Which edition of the PR was that in? I just started up a sub...
v0rteck said @ 8:13pm GMT on 25th Jun
Cool stuff. But since they mentioned the Challenger disaster, I was hoping they'd have his calendar from January 1986.

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