Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Psychologist Says "Just Do it!" As Research Shows You Will Regret it if You Don't

quote [ Our most enduring regrets are the ones that stem from our failure to live up to our ideal selves, according to new research. ]

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[by arrowhen@6:26pmGMT]


Dienes said @ 10:11pm GMT on 5th Jun [Score:2]
Except if we did those things, we would have regretted the other choice we then skipped.
John at the bar said @ 6:30pm GMT on 5th Jun
I know that I could be a movie star if I could get out of this place.
Eric Burdon said @ 6:56pm GMT on 5th Jun
We gotta get out of this place.
Alice Cooper said @ 7:19pm GMT on 5th Jun
I gotta get out of this place.
Fish (not really) said @ 7:36pm GMT on 5th Jun
I gotta get out of this plaice.
cb361 said @ 6:59pm GMT on 5th Jun
And that's why I fucked the ocelot.
backSLIDER said @ 7:23pm GMT on 5th Jun
Sin boldly
Bruceski said @ 7:54pm GMT on 5th Jun
Hugh E. said @ 9:03pm GMT on 5th Jun
9,000 nerds console themselves online with a fantasy of how it would have transpired.
rylex said @ 6:03am GMT on 6th Jun
Let's see this chart done in a post #metoo world
HoZay said @ 8:49am GMT on 6th Jun
"I should/shouldn't have assaulted her/him"
rylex said @ 2:45pm GMT on 6th Jun
Dienes said @ 12:28pm GMT on 6th Jun
I was going to say, let's see the chart from the other person's perspective.
knumbknutz said @ 8:31pm GMT on 5th Jun
Isn't that right up there with "just...one...more" as famous last words?
mechanical contrivance said @ 8:45pm GMT on 5th Jun
There comes a point when you just can't fit any more golf balls in your butt.
conception said @ 9:37pm GMT on 5th Jun
Ass pennies.
arrowhen said @ 9:17pm GMT on 5th Jun
"Hold my beer."
midden said @ 10:44pm GMT on 5th Jun
This assumes you can resolve some semi-stable version of what an "ideal self" might be.
Menchi said @ 11:00pm GMT on 5th Jun
(*Study funded by the Nike corporation)
dolemite said @ 2:30pm GMT on 6th Jun
Didn't we already know this?!?

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