Saturday, 2 June 2018

He is being played like a fiddle.

quote [ Kim Yong-chol, the North Korean master spy who founded the nation's elite global hacker army and also spent a couple of hours in the Oval Office at an impromptu meeting with Donald Trump. ]

Let me get this straight. This is the guy who can't talk to Robert Muller because he help himself from lying, the same guy who gave the Russians code word sensitive inelegance...met in the Oval with one of the worlds top spies for over two hours...alone...

The same guy who is using unsafe cell phones...DHS found evidence of cell phone spying near White House It all only increases security concerns about President Trump's cell phone usage.

And what was with this the much hyped BIG letter that kim sent to Trump...and his bizarre comments about how nice it was presumably before he read it??? This whole thing has the clown car feel about it.

The big question here is what is Trump going to give away when he sees Kim.
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Kama-Kiri said @ 8:44pm GMT on 2nd Jun
"Let me get this straight. This is the guy who can't talk to Robert Muller because he [can't] help himself from lying..."

This is exactly the guy I want talking to the DPRK.
cb361 said @ 9:41pm GMT on 2nd Jun
Except the guy in question is a Game Show Host who can't keep from lying.
bbqkink said @ 4:35am GMT on 3rd Jun
Kim has been preparing for this from birth...Trump thinks it is good PR.
lilmookieesquire said @ 9:28pm GMT on 2nd Jun
To be fair, elegance has never been this administration’s particular strength.
Ankylosaur said @ 9:51pm GMT on 2nd Jun
BREAKING NEWS: The White House today held a surprise press conference with First Lady Melania Trump, whose mysterious absence from the public eye for the last 23 days has caused much speculation.
Still recovering from a minor surgical procedure on May 14 to treat an unspecified benign kidney condition, Mrs. Trump's press conference was held this morning in one of the bedrooms of the White House, where select members of the press were allowed to enter the darkened room and view her behind a screen lying in bed.

Melania Trump makes first public appearance in 23 days. © Associated Press

President Trump was on hand to reassure the press that the First Lady is doing well: "Ivank... I mean Melania is perfectly well. No one was ever more well than she is. So well you wouldn't believe it. She's just lost her voice so she can't answer any of your questions. And she's a bit puffy around the face. The doctor came around and said it was only a bit serious -- not a lot -- a bit!"
When asked about sources reporting that Mrs. Trump was seen driving around New York earlier in the day, the president attacked the reports as "fake news", stating that that person was "a women from the north who just happens to look slightly like Melania."
A source in the press pool familiar with the First Family later opined off the record that the President and the First Lady "had a row, she's refused to come down."
5th Earth said @ 10:49pm GMT on 2nd Jun [Score:2]
I favor the theory that she got some plastic surgery done and wants the evidence to go down before making a public appearance.
bbqkink said @ 11:46pm GMT on 2nd Jun
There was a rumor that Trump had asked Mika Brzezinski who her surgeon was...which takes considerable gall after the shit her gave her.
cluban said @ 10:24pm GMT on 2nd Jun
+1 Fawlty Towers "Sib-ill? Bas-well?"
Marcel said @ 11:11pm GMT on 2nd Jun
It was "Syb, ill? Man well!"
bbqkink said[1] @ 12:13am GMT on 3rd Jun
And at least this is off the table. In another case of obstruction and in showing that he knew all about the the Russian interference from day one.
Trump’s Own Lawyers Say Trump Wrote White House Response to Trump Tower Meeting

It is also Shows just how much he is willing to lie to hide his involvement..Ol' Mr "Blocked Call"
bbqkink said @ 3:40am GMT on 3rd Jun
bbqkink said @ 12:39am GMT on 3rd Jun
backSLIDER said @ 6:56am GMT on 3rd Jun
Honestly that is nothing. Our orange leader spends something like 1-2 million for his golf trips to his own resorts. I think Don Cheeto and the band are a screaming trash fire and I wish we had someone who knows what the he'll they are doing. If that were the case and we were to negotiate with NK then paying the room and board shouldn't be a problem.
bbqkink said @ 1:06am GMT on 3rd Jun
And the Trump folks are taking the Trump brand up another notch...or two.

An evangelical Christian university is helping make a film that implies God chose Trump Liberty University students and faculty are making The Trump Prophecy.

The question either infuriates or intrigues tens of millions of Americans: Did God play a role in the victory of Donald Trump? The debate will soon be presented in movie theaters across the country, as evangelical megaschool Liberty University is making and releasing a film called “The Trump Prophecy.”

The film, which will be released in 1,200 theaters this fall, is Liberty’s largest production to date, and it pairs the university with an independent Christian filmmaker who raised $1 million for the project – a sum its director says could double with postproduction and distribution costs.

A Vox report added that the film, which argues that Trump’s presidency was divinely foretold, “tells the story of Florida firefighter Mark Taylor, who says that God told him that Donald Trump would become president.”

hellboy said @ 3:30am GMT on 3rd Jun [Score:1 Funsightful]
So... they're admitting Trump is the Anti-Christ?

"I was considering the horns, and there was another horn, a little one, coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots. And there, in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words." - Daniel 7:8

What is a trump? A little horn. And there is no one speaking more pompous words, let me tell you, I know a lot about words, and these are the most pompous, everyone agrees.
bbqkink said @ 4:27am GMT on 3rd Jun
‘But the court shall be seated,
And they shall take away his dominion,
To consume and destroy it forever.

So Muller is going to indict him
bbqkink said @ 4:07am GMT on 3rd Jun
bbqkink said[1] @ 5:09am GMT on 3rd Jun

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