Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Faulty Logic: Debating won't bring us closer to truth

quote [ Winning a debate is like winning a game of tennis in the sense that afterwards, tennis is essentially unchanged. ]

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[by arrowhen@6:38amGMT]


5th Earth said @ 1:02pm GMT on 16th May [Score:2]
There's a difference between debate as a sport and debate as an attempt to actually convince people of things. The tactics used in the two are also different.
lilmookieesquire said @ 4:45am GMT on 17th May
We’ll see if the judges agree with this travesty.
5th Earth said @ 11:24am GMT on 18th May
I'd hit you with the Gish Gallop but it doesn't work in text.
raphael_the_turtle said @ 6:39pm GMT on 16th May [Score:1 Underrated]
hellboy said @ 7:02am GMT on 16th May
Yes it will.
arrowhen said @ 7:07am GMT on 16th May
Nuh uh!
HoZay said @ 3:58pm GMT on 16th May
Godwin said @ 4:52pm GMT on 16th May
I did not see that coming.
hellboy said @ 4:39am GMT on 17th May
No Yes you didn't!
cb361 said @ 6:03pm GMT on 16th May
yogi said @ 3:16pm GMT on 21st May
I highly recommend Ali Almossawi's Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments...

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