Monday, 7 May 2018

What Does an Infamous Biohacker’s Death Mean for the Future of DIY Science?

quote [ Aaron Traywick drew attention to the field with his over-the-top antics. His passing leaves biohacking at a crossroads. ]

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rylex said @ 5:37pm GMT on 7th May [Score:2]
Snakeoil Swindler dies before he can truly harm the populace. Good riddance.
Menchi said @ 8:16pm GMT on 7th May
The quote from his mother pretty much says it all.

“He got what he wanted,” his mother, Rita Traywick, told me from her Alabama home the day before her son’s funeral. “The notoriety. He made it.”

Not "helping people", not "revolutionizing medicine"-- what he was after was a moment in the spotlight, to hell with being able to follow through on any of his wild promises.

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