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Drinking gin and tonics stops hay fever symptoms

quote [ Hay fever has the ability to render us entirely out-of-action, irritating our eyes, blocking our noses and scratching our throats. But, if you’re on the hunt for a cure this season you might want to forget stockpiling on antihistamines. Instead, a bottle of gin could be the answer. ]

Now, this is real medicine! And it treats malaria! (dramatic sigh) Is there anything "mother's ruin" can't do?!
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[by Bob Denver@1:58amGMT]


Hugh E. said @ 2:26am GMT on 4th May [Score:1 Underrated]
"SOOTH"? Since when has a British writer oped not to use an extra vowel?
zarathustra said @ 3:10am GMT on 4th May
arrowhen said @ 3:31am GMT on 4th May
I'm pretty sure they stole all those extra vowels from Welsh.
Hugh E. said @ 3:55am GMT on 4th May
How American of me to choos not to include "t"! (oped should be opted).
Pandafaust said @ 7:02am GMT on 4th May [Score:1 Funsightful]
Is there anything "mother's ruin" can't do?!

I can think of a couple of things. Salvage a failing marriage. Help you get over your ex. Turn back the clock to a time where your future seemed bright and your existence wasn't defined by children - who have grown to hate you despite everything...
Bob Denver said @ 7:37am GMT on 4th May
It was meant in jest. I apologise that it brought darkness.
electric guppy said @ 3:30pm GMT on 4th May [Score:1 Insightful]
The glory of the British Empire was fueled by gin. That's the reason to drink it, not some sissy sniveling contorted logic about runny noses.
mechanical contrivance said @ 3:47pm GMT on 4th May
Gin, sodomy, and the lash.
arrowhen said @ 5:58pm GMT on 4th May
Colonialism and tonic.
Kama-Kiri said @ 12:00am GMT on 5th May
Gin ... and rum, porter, brandy, cider, sherry, port wine ... and more gin! To the Queen!!
captainstubing said @ 10:35pm GMT on 4th May [Score:1 Interesting]
Mrs. Stubing and I are currently working our way through a bottle of Suntory Roku. just one each per week, just before dinner on Saturday evening. Delicious. Make sure your tonic is up to the job.
SnappyNipples said @ 2:04am GMT on 4th May
Sign me up for this....for science.
MFDork said @ 2:40am GMT on 4th May
"Mother's Ruin" aka things only 1790's kids will get
hellboy said @ 2:07pm GMT on 6th May
Goddamn Centurians.
robotroadkill said @ 2:46am GMT on 4th May
I found that any alcohol will ease those symptoms. IPA, cheap scotch, whatever numbs.
hellboy said @ 6:01am GMT on 4th May
Favorite gins?

I avoided gin after college (no particular reason), then dated a girl whose drink of choice was Sapphire & tonic and got used to ordering those. Was introduced to Hendrick's after that and it was my go-to for a long time, and still is, if they don't have Tanqueray Ten, my current favorite. I've heard Hendrick's described as a very non-gin gin though. I've also used Plymouth and had No. 209 recommended. I don't know a lot about the differences though.

I'm partial to Fentemann's tonic water, with lots of lime. Other gin drinks I like are the Last Word and the Aviation; if I'm not in the mood for a tonic and I don't quite trust the bartender to pull off one of those two I'll often go for a gin gimlet, but it's hit and miss. I definitely like the citrus end of things (thus the Ten), not a big fan of the Negroni.
Bob Denver said @ 6:08am GMT on 4th May [Score:2 Informative]
I'm a big fan of the Tanquerays. Hendrick's has cucumber and rose in it so not at all a fan. If you're in the neighbourhood of British Columbia, check out Victoria Gin. And, the Odd Society (on Powell St. is a Vancouver-based distiller; their gin is quite good.
quaint said @ 8:02am GMT on 4th May [Score:1 Informative]
Hendricks relies way too heavily on tonic & garnish.

I'm a big fan of Scapegrace ( gin but I'm aware that it is a divisive product. Also give Bertha's Revenge a go if you can get it ( for another great one. For a classic London Dry with a clean, modern taste you cannot go wrong with Durham Gin (

Durham Gin makes the best Gibson I've ever had; 5 parts gin to the suggestion that some vermouth might enter the equation, garnished with a cocktail onion. Perfection.
arrowhen said @ 8:05am GMT on 4th May
The most accurate description of Hendricks I've ever read is "it tastes like grandma."
cb361 said @ 9:21pm GMT on 4th May
Your grandma tastes muskier.
arrowhen said @ 8:03am GMT on 4th May [Score:1 Informative]
My favorite is good old-fashioned Beefeater. Heavy on the juniper, more complex than Tanqueray, not overly smooth like Bombay Sapphire, it's pretty much the classic London Dry gin.
snagUber said @ 12:34pm GMT on 4th May [Score:1 Informative]
I just had a bottle of Glendalough and it is so far my best gin related experience.
endopol said @ 8:56am GMT on 4th May
Also, gin-and-penicillin cures syphilis.
eggboy said @ 11:19am GMT on 4th May
That's a pretty misleading title.

Got me all fired up cause of mad hayfever and an excuse to smash the g&ts. But no, it's more like "If dark spirits fuck you up, than clear spirits may do that less". Which is common knowledge, and not enough to distract me from my rumbos and ales.

Ans gin and tonic remains not a miracle drink, and still just a great thing to do on an island where you can get non-shithouse gin for a reasonable price at the duty-free.
cb361 said @ 1:08pm GMT on 4th May
Ai ya. The cure is worse than the disease.
Wulf said @ 2:00pm GMT on 4th May
Great recommendation from Mr. Doug Stanhope, gin gimlet with a lemon. Now if only I can find where the wife hid the good gin...
quaint said @ 8:17am GMT on 7th May
I really enjoy a gimlet. Seriously underrated drink.

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