Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Uranus Smells Like Rotten Eggs

quote [ If you could sniff a planet, what would it smell like? According to an international team of scientists working with the 8-meter Gemini North infrared telescope at the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii, if you could get a whiff of the planet Uranus, it would have the pungent odor of rotten eggs. The icy planet is on the nose due to the presence of the noxious gas hydrogen sulfide, and the discovery could provide clues about the formation of the outer planets of our Solar System. ]

It's a real astronomy story, but I'm pretty sure it was just created to justify the headline.

Comet me, bro.
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[by HoZay@1:34pmGMT]


dolemite said @ 7:25pm GMT on 25th Apr
No, URanus smells like rotten eggs.
Mythtyn said @ 7:37pm GMT on 25th Apr
ethanos said @ 9:16pm GMT on 26th Apr
I came rushing in here for the jokes....
HoZay said @ 10:14am GMT on 27th Apr
I didn't planet this way.

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