Saturday, 21 April 2018

Verne Troyer Dead at 49

quote [ Verne Troyer has died at 49. ]

You ready mini-me? Okay
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Naruki said @ 3:38am GMT on 22nd Apr [Score:2 Funny]
He was a good man who had fans from all walks of life. Literally no one was beneath him, and he always had high praise for those around him. A man of contradictions, he was as humble as he was accustomed to being put on a pedestal. He saw life from a completely different perspective, and his impact on American culture could hardly be anything less than uplifting.
damnit said @ 8:57pm GMT on 21st Apr [Score:1 Insightful]
Such a short life.
rylex said @ 9:45pm GMT on 21st Apr
Nice mini-aggression against wee folk
Jack Blue said @ 8:39am GMT on 22nd Apr [Score:1 Underrated]
Darn. I liked him.
arrowhen said @ 10:26pm GMT on 21st Apr
I'm a little sad.
eggboy said @ 1:33am GMT on 22nd Apr
A life tragically cut down before he had reached the height of his career. And when so many had grown to love him.
Ankylosaur said @ 2:41am GMT on 22nd Apr
All these plays on words referring to his height, you're just using his death as an excuse to be puny.
arrowhen said @ 5:25am GMT on 22nd Apr
Compassion is in short supply in this thread, dwarfed by our desire to crack whatever petty jokes pop into our tiny minds. Wee should be ashamed.
eggboy said @ 5:37am GMT on 22nd Apr
No matter what we might say in jest, his work speaks for itself. He was a giant of the silver screen, and many looked up to him.

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