Monday, 9 April 2018

What makes a tree a tree?

quote [ Scientists are still struggling to nail down the defining traits of these tall, long-lived, woody plants ]

Come closer and see, see into the trees.
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[by arrowhen@9:28pmGMT]


lilmookieesquire said[1] @ 11:16pm GMT on 9th Apr
“Part of what makes a tree a tree is the ability to make wood, ”

No, I Ent!
Taxman said @ 11:20pm GMT on 9th Apr
I wood axe yew to leaf, but I'm pati-Ent.
arrowhen said @ 11:35pm GMT on 9th Apr
Is everything a joak to you?
Taxman said @ 11:42pm GMT on 9th Apr
I fernly beleaf my tree puns are qualitree. I don't care about your opineon if you disagreen.
damnit said @ 6:35pm GMT on 10th Apr
So it’s looking like Tree-ness is an external response from lots of factors (environment and genetic make up)

The common thread is that they’re all plants.

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