Monday, 2 April 2018

10 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Styrofoam

quote [ With Styrofoam on its way out, these green alternatives to Styrofoam packaging deliver excellent costs, functionality, and sustainability. ]

There's now a push in Hawaii to ban styrofoam containers, and when I asked about alternatives on FB a friend sent me this link. I like some of these concepts, like the edible ones and the one that infuses recyclable plastic with CO2 to make it break down faster. (a double boon as we could use carbon capture technology to remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to use in such containers)
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Hugh E. said @ 10:06am GMT on 2nd Apr
Also, this idea. I would assume other cities have their own version. Yes?
GreenToGo, Durham’s reusable, returnable takeout container service was founded by Don’t Waste Durham, a local 501c3 non-profit dedicated to reducing waste in all ways!
It's the sharing economy of takeout.
JWWargo said @ 6:52pm GMT on 2nd Apr
Rent-A-Doggie Bag? Interesting take. By requiring the containers be returned, rather than outright selling them to people, I imagine the amount of them thrown in the trash will be very small. (Some people will be able to afford to toss them and pay whatever penalties are associated with doing so, because that's still easier than returning them)

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