Tuesday, 13 March 2018

University of Arizona tracks student ID cards to detect who might drop out

quote [ With data from students’ activity, academic performance, and financial aid, the university creates lists every quarter of freshman students most likely to drop out and shares it with its staff. Those who are more likely to drop out might have shrinking social circles and a lack of fairly established patterns of behavior, according to Ram. The hope is that the university will pinpoint which students need more support from advisers to stay on. ]

Most likely, no one will even be surprised by this, let alone upset about privacy loss.
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cb361 said @ 9:10am GMT on 13th Mar
I had eratic patterns of behaviour and no social circle at all, and I stuck with it at college. On the other hand, perhaps that means that I should have dropped out...
Mythtyn said @ 10:47am GMT on 13th Mar
This is a poor indicator. Maybe we should identify the ones that shouldn't be going into college in the first place and help get them into a trade that they could be successful in. Not everyone should go to college.
Dienes said @ 2:10pm GMT on 13th Mar
I'd be a much bigger fan of this if it was a case of "We look for erratic behavior and shrinking social circles and use these as indicators that the student may need help for their own psychoemotional health." rather than "may need help signing up for more credits."

There's a lot of undergrads (and shit, grad) students that are a good fit for college but are just....woefully unprepared. No self-management skills, no coping/balance/stress management skills, no study skills, no social skills. High school doesn't do jack shit to prepare you for college (or anything, really). And rather than look at these as skills that can and should be learned, they fall into anxiety and depression. They are told its a personality/innate problem when its not, and give up.

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