Monday, 12 March 2018

Japanese scientists just used A.I. to read minds and it's amazing

quote [ Imagine a reality where computers can visualize what you are thinking.

Sound far out? It's now closer to becoming a reality thanks to four scientists at Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan. In late December, Guohua Shen, Tomoyasu Horikawa, Kei Majima and Yukiyasu Kamitani released the results of their recent research on using artificial intelligence to decode thoughts on the scientific platform, BioRxiv. ]

When I finally release the SE EEG HyperXtreme Mindreading AI Plus Ultra Jutsu, no one will have any secrets. We shall finally be one.
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[by steele@11:03pmGMT]


Mythtyn said @ 11:43pm GMT on 12th Mar
Thats what you think. My madpride/joecam mashup ai will offset that.
rylex said @ 2:33am GMT on 13th Mar
I'm safe. I have attained zenhood and thusly, my mind draws an eternal blank.
NuncEstBibendum said @ 3:42am GMT on 13th Mar
Sorry for being such an old fart, but I hate this clickbaitish "...and it's amazing" (or "...and you'll never believe what happened") kind of heading.
That said, intriguing stuff. And scary.
...But it's because I'm an old fart.
machpi said[1] @ 12:06am GMT on 14th Mar
steele said @ 12:20am GMT on 14th Mar
I saw that. ;)
machpi said @ 12:29am GMT on 14th Mar
too many open windows!
HoZay said @ 1:03am GMT on 14th Mar
Too many open bottles?
Ussmak said @ 6:48am GMT on 14th Mar [Score:-1 Boring]
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