Monday, 12 March 2018

It was Mr. Trump's second pardon as president.

quote [ Trump pardons, congratulates Navy sailor who took illegal submarine photos ]

Oh he is on a roll. The womens are just so in love with him.

Nude videos of female sailors traded 'like Pokemon'

"Women, women, we love you, we love you."
Offered without comment.
"We got 52%, right, 52."
Trump is saying that he won 52% of the vote among women. He didn't. He got 41%. Trump got 52% among white women.

The 64 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's untethered Pennsylvania speech

It still amazes me he thinks it still all about TV ratings

Somebody finally made a list of the crooks and con men in the cabinet

Here’s what we found: At least 187 Trump political appointees have been federal lobbyists, and despite President Trump’s campaign pledge to “drain the swamp,” many are now overseeing the industries they once lobbied on behalf of. We’ve also discovered ethics waivers that allow Trump staffers to work on subjects in which they have financial conflicts of interest.

We also found — for the first time — dozens of special-government employees, or SGEs, who work as paid consultants or experts for federal agencies while keeping their day jobs in the private sector. This rare government gig allows them to legally work for both industry and the Trump administration at the same time.

ProPublica assembles list of 2,475 Trump appointees—and their conflicts of interest

Here is the list Trump Town
Tracking White House Staffers, Cabinet Members and Political Appointees Across the Government

The story that just won't go away is about the big titted porn star.

Either Stormy payment was to benefit campaign, & so violated camp. finance law; or was to benefit Trump personally, & so Trump should have reflected on personal financial disclosures; or most likely BOTH, in which case both bodies of law were violated (& perhaps bar rules too).

Norm EisenVerified account

Maybe Trump doesn't know about the Streisand effect ...

Trump lawyers want to stop '60 Minutes' from airing Stormy Daniels interview

I know it may make me go blind but I so want to see what they are so afraid of.

and the news coverage is now become predictable...

Trump: I eat babies All rational people: WTF??? Deplorables: GET OVER IT, LIBTARDS Trump: I never said I eat babies Deplorables: TRUMP NEVER SAID HE ATE BABIES, LIBTARDS New York Times: On Subject of Baby-Eating, a Political Minefield for Democrats

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bbqkink said @ 9:06pm GMT on 12th Mar [Score:1 Underrated]
This has nothing to do with this post I have just had it hanging around for a while and want to post it.

Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

HoZay said @ 6:00am GMT on 12th Mar
bbqkink said @ 6:03am GMT on 12th Mar
Somebody needs to tell Paul Manafort...that tweet was pathetic.
bbqkink said[1] @ 11:10pm GMT on 12th Mar
Not really a surprise. The only question is will this have any electoral consequences...They all can't be in gerrymandered districts can they?

House Intelligence Republicans Find No Collusion Between Trump Campaign, Russia
Democrats on the committee may have different findings.

Here is a one page summery. READ: 1-page summary of initial Republican findings in the House Russia investigation
C18H27NO3 said @ 3:15pm GMT on 13th Mar
I know it may make me go blind but I so want to see what they are so afraid of.

If you listened to taxmans podcast post, the possibilities are quite interesting. The agreement includes information, as well as texts and images that aren't to be shared. Maybe Stormy can confirm dumpsters russian money laundering. Maybe she witnessed conversations where he was coordinating and covering up illegal activity. Maybe even murder. Dumpsters connections with the NYC mob are well known. Maybe she has recordings of him confessing to ordering a hit. Maybe she was smart and got her claws into an idiot billionaire. Who happens to be president. She fucked him good, alright.

If pics do actually come out, they'd have to be good enough to make it past "fake" and "doctored" images. Dumpster said he can grab womens' pussy's. Why would anybody care about pics of him fucking a big tit porn star? The freedom caucus already approve's of him and wanted a pedophile in congress. There are also two others named in the agreement that nobody knows anything about. Could be two other women he "hired."

It could quite possibly be something more damning than some pee videos, aside from the legal catch 22 he finds himself in.
Taxman said @ 7:05pm GMT on 13th Mar
The ‘information’ is most likely not a crime, as the NDA can’t stop her from making that public immeadiatly. You can’t NDA illegal activity (drug dealers would have a field day). I would argue the NDA is already voided because adultery IS a crime in NY.

No one (here) cares who he fucks. The trouble arises when you say you didn’t do something AND pay money to hide it. Clinton can’t do it, Obama can’t do it, Bush can’t do it, and Trump can’t do it. A lawyer can’t do it “for” you.

And before I get the obligatory “oBaMa/cLiNtOn did it!!1 they just hid it really well1!1”, show us the payment and we’ll investigate.

However, this is already caught and in the open. The lawyer has admitted it. And I’m glad he likes his boss so much, but he can’t gift him 130k that they both fail to put on their taxes or campaign disclosures.

If you really want to get into the absurd, realize that the lawyer implied Trump had NOTHING to do with the NDA. A lawyer set up a contract without their client’s knowledge? What if later the client says they don’t agree with the terms? Do you think any judge would say “Too bad so sad, you gotta watch out for them lawyers setting up contracts in your name. You are bound by the terms!”
bbqkink said @ 11:00pm GMT on 13th Mar
What ever she is holding is well known to Trump. Other than showing his followers that he is a blatant liar, must give some insight to his character. I don't think there is anything that would be illegal in what ever she has...but what ever it is, damning.

My guess is a love letter. I mean it could be kinky sex or him wearing a diaper or getting his fat ass spanked... anything but something beyond normal. If they are making the "fake" and "doctored" excuse they have already lost.

This may have a lot more to do with his personal life that his political one. What ever it is he will do anything to keep it from happening.
C18H27NO3 said @ 3:04pm GMT on 15th Mar
Wouldn't it be delicious is she had pictures or video of dumpster sucking a big black dick?
Fish said @ 12:27pm GMT on 13th Mar [Score:-3 Boring]
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Taxman said @ 4:40pm GMT on 13th Mar [Score:-3]
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