Thursday, 8 March 2018

Jupiter: scientists spot pentagon pattern of cyclones

quote [ Thanks to its unique orbit, NASA’s Juno mission has now revealed some of Jupiter’s best-kept secrets. The results, published in four papers in Nature, show that the planet has surprising “polygonal” shapes of cyclones at its poles – including a pentagon at the south pole – and that its banded structure persists to depths of 3,000km.

From Earth and spacecraft in certain orbits, we can only see Jupiter’s equatorial regions well. In fact, this has been the case for all previous missions to the planet. ]

Our solar System is an amazing place. I never get tired of reading things like this about it.
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damnit said @ 11:34pm GMT on 8th Mar
Now we just need to know if there's something solid inside.
robotroadkill said[1] @ 1:03am GMT on 9th Mar
The polygons are at Saturn's poles too.

Edit:actually this is a bit different now that I have actually ctfl.
cb361 said @ 11:29am GMT on 9th Mar
I distinctly remember a black-and-white Flash Gordon landing on Jupiter, and allying with the native bipedal population against Ming the Merciless. All this talk of (so called) gas giants and "metalic hydrogen cores" is clearly CIA time/mind control.
Jacob said[1] @ 4:51am GMT on 13th Mar [Score:-2 Unworthy Self Link]
This was spam. By a spammer.

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