Monday, 12 February 2018

State launches Aetna probe after stunning admission

quote [ California's insurance commissioner has launched an investigation into Aetna after learning a former medical director for the insurer admitted under oath he never looked at patients' records when deciding whether to approve or deny care.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones expressed outrage after CNN showed him a transcript of the testimony and said his office is looking into how widespread the practice is within Aetna. ]

When things start to get violent against people like this I think it will be some poor soul rationalizing their behavior as a form self-defense. For themselves or others. And I would have a hard time disagreeing with them, I think. Whether it's being denied healthcare, the destruction of our environment, or watching someone with the same skin color as you being gunned down in the street by police, the numbers start adding up in your head. Some would say it's submissiveness, but I think it's a testament to our humanity how much we would like to search for that peaceful resolution before resorting to a violent one.
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yogi said @ 7:45pm GMT on 13th Feb [Score:3 Sad]
I got screwed by Anthem in this way. THey have a nurse practitioner who reviewed my case and denied me a medically necessary medication based only on my weight, which was below the limits they set. That sent me into a flareup about a month ago, and I'm barely recovered.

I got back at Anthem, though--switched insurance and never paid the last month. Thinking of suing, though--I know Dave Jones. He might help.
midden said @ 11:00pm GMT on 12th Feb
At some point, there will be heads on pikes. As a middle-class white guy living in a majority black and minority county, mine may very well be one of them. Quite literally. Even so, I don't blame those who do the beheading.
norok said @ 12:33am GMT on 13th Feb [Score:-5]
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lilmookieesquire said @ 11:25pm GMT on 12th Feb
I have a friend that works in health insurance. She doesn’t do that side of it but sometimes I wonder how any of them sleep at night.
bbqkink said @ 12:34am GMT on 13th Feb
One of my exes got her masters and got a job with the state all she did 40 hours a week was look to throw people off disability.
cb361 said @ 6:00pm GMT on 13th Feb
I assume that the guilt is thingly spread across a lot of people.
foobar said @ 4:33pm GMT on 13th Feb
For fucks sake America, I half expect to to privatise the fire department and let them refuse to show for pre-existing flammability.
raphael_the_turtle said[1] @ 5:25pm GMT on 13th Feb [Score:1 WTF]
Well now you're just showing your ignorance. No pay, no spray: Firefighters let home burnThere's plenty more sad stories where that came from. Arizona Firefighters Charge Family Nearly $20,000 After Home Burns Down

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