Monday, 5 February 2018

The Drum Major Instinct

quote [ King's "Drum Major Instinct" sermon, given on 4 February 1968, was an adaptation of the 1952 homily ‘‘Drum-Major Instincts’’ by J. Wallace Hamilton, a well-known, liberal, white Methodist preacher. King encouraged his congregation to seek greatness, but to do so through service and love. King concluded the sermon by imagining his own funeral, downplaying his famous achievements and emphasizing his heart to do right. ]

I know how much y'all hate the abridged versions of things, so here's the good doctor's speech in full.
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[by steele@12:52pmGMT]


5th Earth said @ 1:11pm GMT on 5th Feb
tl;dr where's the part about a truck?
steele said @ 1:18pm GMT on 5th Feb [Score:4 Underrated]
bbqkink said @ 8:16pm GMT on 5th Feb
Hugh E. said @ 11:42pm GMT on 5th Feb
Surprised to see him get that political.
mrhappypants said @ 10:21pm GMT on 7th Feb [Score:1 Funsightful]
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., go on chapo!
steele said @ 11:52pm GMT on 7th Feb
I'm familiar with their subreddit, but I've yet to consume one of their episodes. Worth the time?

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