Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Negro of Banyoles

quote [ It’s one thing to keep the mummified body of a thousand year old pharaoh or a monk in a glass case in a museum, and another to stuff the dead body of an African warrior and display it like a trophy along with wild animals. As recently as eighteen years ago, you could have seen him at the Darder Natural History museum in the city of Banyoles, near Barcelona, Spain. ]

Raise it up.
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backSLIDER said @ 5:30am GMT on 28th Jan [Score:3 Underrated]
I kind of feel the same way about a monk or a Pharaoh.
cb361 said @ 9:23am GMT on 28th Jan [Score:1 Funny]
Too soon?
robotroadkill said @ 4:16am GMT on 28th Jan
That is shockingly recent, that it was finally sent back!
damnit said @ 1:24pm GMT on 28th Jan
This is why BBC documentaries skeeve me out a little bit. The format is rooted in these types of curiosities.

Imagine David Attenborough's soothing voice over Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and other such works, except he's talking about Africans and other 'exotic,' 'uncivilized' populations and phrenology.

Biological anthropology and racism are inextricably linked.

You conquer the world with advanced technology. Decimate animal and plant life. Establish dominance, new world order, etc.

Then years later your descendants recognize, deny, get angry, and accept what you've done and try to salvage whatever is left. And slowly, but surely, they experiment and pick what is morally right or wrong, adapting to differing points of views, empathizing, etc.

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