Thursday, 11 January 2018

Florida monkeys excreting rare disease that can kill humans, scientists warn

quote [ Scientists studying a growing population of rhesus macaques in Silver Springs state park say that rather than just carrying herpes B, which is common in the species, some of the monkeys have the virus in their saliva and other bodily fluids, posing a potential risk of spreading the disease. ]

Have to ask - why are there monkeys roaming around Florida in the first place?
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kylemcbitch said[3] @ 6:02pm GMT on 11th Jan [Score:2 Insightful]
Because Republicans will cut off their nose to spite their face if Obama told them he liked it.

The reason there are pythons in Florida, is the same reason there are macaques. It's because Obama tried to pass legislation about exotic pets since they sometimes showed up in the ecosystem.

Florida basically was like "fuck that" and deregulated. Then hundreds of exotic pet owners suddenly realized their new expensive animal IS NOT A PET, just let them go.
Ankylosaur said @ 7:22pm GMT on 11th Jan
FAKE NEWS! They were introduced to combat invasive bananas.
midden said @ 11:39pm GMT on 11th Jan [Score:2]
Damn. Monkey fucking was the only thing worth doing in Florida after the parks.
arrowhen said @ 1:23am GMT on 12th Jan [Score:2]
If Florida Man evolved from monkeys, why are there still Florida Monkeys? Checkmate, atheists!
mechanical contrivance said @ 6:38pm GMT on 11th Jan
Let's hire hunters to kill them all.
Hugh E. said @ 6:57pm GMT on 11th Jan
I appreciate your enthusiasm, but how about we just wait and see how many the rhesus macaques can kill first and go from there.
mechanical contrivance said @ 7:07pm GMT on 11th Jan
You mean how many macaques they can kill or how many people?
Hugh E. said @ 10:26pm GMT on 11th Jan [Score:5]
My joke was cleverly constructed; I stand by it, and refuse to dilute it with further explanation.

Good day.
cb361 said @ 9:17pm GMT on 11th Jan
Monkey Season!

Python Season!

Monkey Season!

Python Season....!
damnit said @ 10:15pm GMT on 11th Jan
Thanks, James Franco.

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