Friday, 1 December 2017

Kendra Sunderland Library Video full uncensored

quote [ Pornstars: Kendra Sunderland
Categories: Amateur, Big Tits, Public, Pornstar, Teen, Webcam, Exclusive, Verified Amateurs
Production: Homemade
Tags: amateur, webcam, library, public, big tits, pierced nipples, blonde, pussy flash, titty flash, kendra sunderland, homemade, teasing, strip tease ]

Kendra was charged for indecent exposure for this performance. 🤣 Bravo! 👏 Enjoy! 💋
[NSFW] [pr0n] [+2 Hot Pr0n]
[by juiceboxxx@2:18amGMT]


JWWargo said @ 4:21am GMT on 1st Dec
FYI: videos like these are captured live and usually against the wishes of the performing model/webcam site. Huge privacy violation. I think her exposure was a positive in this case, but as a rule I don't watch webcam vids unless the model sanctions it.
milkman666 said @ 4:42am GMT on 1st Dec [Score:2]
In this case it might be kosher. The video was posted by a verified account purporting to be from Kendra herself, with links that lead to her own website so she can monetize the exposure.
JWWargo said @ 6:32am GMT on 1st Dec [Score:2]
Thanks for the info. I should have looked at the linked page before modding. Sorry juiceboxxx, I'll go upmod the last of your posts I wanked to.

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