Thursday, 12 October 2017

Harvey Fierstein getting tons of abuse from people who have the wrong Harvey

quote [ Theatre legend Harvey Fierstein has been forced to clarify that he has definitely not sexually assaulted any women - amid a tidal wave of mistaken abuse.

But despite being very gay, the theatre legend has received a tidal wave of abuse this month – from people wrongly accusing him of sexually assaulting women.

The gravelly-voiced actor was forced to make a public statement due to the tidal wave of people who had apparently confused him with Harvey Weinstein, the Miramax film exec who has been plagued with sexual assault allegations this month. ]

Fierstein...Weinstein...anyone could make that mistake, right?

Ahh - the internets in all of their combined mob goodness set loose on some poor unsuspecting soul. Harvey F is one of my favorte actors, BTW.
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mechavolt said @ 5:56pm GMT on 12th Oct [Score:1 Underrated]
"But despite being very gay, the theatre legend has received a tidal wave of abuse this month – from people wrongly accusing him of sexually assaulting women."

Hate to break it to the writer, but being gay doesn't magically make you incapable of sexual abuse against women. Pretty close, but not quite as nauseating, as "I would never do that because I have a daughter."
the circus said @ 2:29am GMT on 13th Oct
Yeah, being gay doesn't mean you aren't attracted to women…
Kama-Kiri said @ 12:53pm GMT on 13th Oct
I'm so _confused_.
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:06pm GMT on 13th Oct
I think he's talking about lesbians.
mechavolt said @ 5:03pm GMT on 13th Oct
Sexual assault does not necessitate sexual attraction.
endopol said @ 5:51am GMT on 14th Oct
Sure, pedants, but it is greatly facilitated by it. It's certainly worth mentioning that he's gay, if you want to drive the point home.
Kama-Kiri said @ 12:59pm GMT on 13th Oct
Find me a recorded case of a openly gay man who also had a serial history of coercing women into sex.

So maybe not magically immune, but I can't imagine it likely either.
mechavolt said @ 5:03pm GMT on 13th Oct
Are you kidding me? Sexual assault is not limited to the actual act of sex, and doesn't necessitate sexual attraction. I've personally seen gay men grope breasts and slap asses without consent.
Kama-Kiri said[3] @ 9:24pm GMT on 13th Oct
Point taken, though what you describe is comparatively minor.

And I did find an example:

"There was the creative director who regularly shoved his hand up his secretary’s crotch and down her bra. She was so outraged, she took him to a legal tribunal (which she lost). Most of the rest of us thought she was overreacting. After all, he was gay, so it wasn’t really sexual harassment, was it? For the record, he treated men as badly as he treated women."
WeiYang said[1] @ 11:59am GMT on 13th Oct
5432 said @ 7:41pm GMT on 12th Oct [Score:-4]
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cakkafracle said @ 4:07am GMT on 13th Oct
thanks for letting us know, we really care how you feel.

(also it's 'an' interesting story)
5432 said @ 11:01am GMT on 13th Oct [Score:-1 Bad]
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Kama-Kiri said @ 12:52pm GMT on 13th Oct
I considered posting about the Weinstein stuff ... but, it's blanket coverage, and the story grows grimmer by the day as more details come out. I'm not sure there's much point. There isn't much point in the post about Harvey Fierstein either, but at least there is a humorous angle to it.
5432 said[1] @ 2:50pm GMT on 13th Oct

Fair enough.

But “blanket coverage and a story that grows grimmer by the day” is hardly an argument for not posting. On the contrary, those criteria define much of what this site concerns itself with.

I continue to find the omission telling.

Kama-Kiri said @ 8:59pm GMT on 13th Oct
I did notice it, and it did strike me as odd. I'm not quite ready to draw conclusions about what that says about the SE user base just yet though.

I mean ... why didn't you post it then?
5432 said @ 9:24pm GMT on 13th Oct

I haven't accrued sufficient groupthink points to post, otherwise I would have done so.

It’s a grim and fascinating story, from many angles, not least of which is the number of news organization that flatly refused to run with it. It seems clear the NYT blinked on it some years back, and MSNBC rejected it in its current incarnation - People there should be fired for that, but I suspect they won’t be. It appears, like Cosby, that everybody knew, including much of the celebrity chorus currently acting shocked and appalled. It’s a damning story in a number of respects.

5432 said @ 1:02am GMT on 16th Oct
1111 said @ 11:54am GMT on 25th May

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