Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Utah Officer Fired For Arrest Of Nurse, Recorded On Video

quote [ Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown says his detective was wrong when he roughly arrested a nurse who tried to explain hospital policy for drawing blood from an unconscious patient.

The video, recorded by a police body camera, of the rough arrest of University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels went viral, drawing widespread condemnation and renewing the national debate over the appropriate use of force by the police.

Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown relieved Detective Jeff Payne of his duties and disciplined his watch commander, Lt. James Tracey, by demoting him to the rank of officer. ]

Has a week to appeal it, so, stay tunes for the shitstorm...
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[by knumbknutz@9:42pmGMT]


Dienes said @ 10:36pm GMT on 11th Oct [Score:1 Insightful]
He's just going to quietly move to another police department in a month.
cakkafracle said @ 11:32pm GMT on 11th Oct
I'm sure it won't be that quietly
HoZay said @ 10:15pm GMT on 11th Oct
I'm glad to see shit rolled uphill, even if not very far.
Wulf said @ 2:11am GMT on 12th Oct
I still love that name every time I see it. Wubbles.
Hugh E. said @ 12:38pm GMT on 12th Oct
Nurse Wubbles and Detective Pain do sound like an attempt to explain the incident to a small child.
cb361 said @ 8:13am GMT on 12th Oct
He would have gotten away with it if he had just shot her.
knumbknutz said @ 2:59pm GMT on 12th Oct
Not the right racial persuasion to volunteer for bullet insertion.

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