Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Top military officials endorse staying in Iran deal, contradicting Trump

quote [ The nation’s top military leaders stated unequivocally on Tuesday that they believe the United States should stay in the Iran nuclear deal, staking out a position at odds with President Trump’s only days before he decides whether to certify that Tehran is in compliance with the deal. ]

I've been saying all along that the only thing keeping us from 2 new full scale shooting wars in the ME and NK are the members of the US military who would be sent to fight it, and their abject hatred for Trump and his never ceasing incompetence and bumbling.

Unfortunately - should Pence become POTUS, he has the smarts, charm, and political savvy to start make it happen.
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lilmookieesquire said @ 6:18pm GMT on 4th Oct [Score:1 Underrated]
Trump may be a douchebag, but he's a largely inefficient douchebag. He's sitting there gathering influence and collecting government welfare.

As distasteful as it is; and the harm to America's reputation it creates, Id rather have him in office vs Pence.

Pence is semi competent and I could see him actually getting traction in steering America in the wrong direction- the worst being is anyone on SCOTUS dies.
TheThirstyMonk said @ 8:11pm GMT on 4th Oct
That's the issue I have with all the people cheering about potentially impeaching Trump... no one ever seems to think about the catastrophe that would be President Pence.

I mean, sure, you can believe and hope all you want that Pence will be implicated and forced to step down, but that's a very low possibility... But let's pretend that happens.

Next in line for succession is Paul Ryan, so maybe slightly less boned, but still not in the best position...

So yeah, keeping the current idiot in is probably the best course of action due to the incompetency... provided him provoking people for funsies doesn't cause us to get attacked first.

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