Wednesday, 13 September 2017

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Their address is 922 Near Water tank. I'm tempted to use satellite view to see if there is in fact a water tank nearby.
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Borris said @ 10:55am GMT on 13th Sep [Score:1 Good]
In Montreal, there a Hentai Sushi & Grille.
There also used to be a Fukyu Sushi Bar, but it's eventually changed its name to something less offensive.
mechavolt said @ 3:52pm GMT on 13th Sep [Score:1 Informative]
My god, it's real.
IPFreely said @ 1:48pm GMT on 13th Sep [Score:1 Classy Pr0n]
spaceloaf said @ 11:17pm GMT on 13th Sep [Score:1 Interesting]
The ramen chain Kukai supposedly changed their name to Kizuki becuase "kukai" means "poop" in Hawaiian.

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