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In Avalon, there are two factions working against each other for victory. There are the Loyal Knights the Realm who are trying to achieve glory and peace in the name of the king. And there are the Minions of Mordred who lurk in the shadows and seek to thwart the Knights every move.

During the start of each game, character cards are assigned out in secret to show players what team they are on and what role they play on that team. Check your inbox for your roles.

After the teams are set and ready, the rest of the game is composed of players choosing and voting on teams to go on quests. Team leader may choose themselves for the team. They may also concede the election process to the next Knight in line.

If the players cannot agree on 5 separate teams, the game is over and Evil wins.

Finally the outcome of whether the quests fail or not.

The most important rule: HEROES MUST PLAY PASS. The game breaks if they play FAIL. Minions of Mordred on the other hand may play either PASS or FAIL so as to conceal their identity.

The quest fails if at least one of the Minions of Mordred is on the team and chooses to secretly play a Fail card and the quest succeeds if all the cards played are success. The first team to win 3 quests "win" the game. Win is in quotation marks because if the Knights are the first to 3 quests, the Baddies will have one last chance to steal victory by guessing who Merlin is. (more on that later) If they guess correctly, they win the game, if not, the game goes to the Knights.

The Game will be played in 5 rounds, first team to 3 wins (or losses in the baddies case) wins. Should the good Knights win, the assassin is activated and has to reply quickly in the area I will provide and choose who they think is Merlin. NO DISCUSSION, it's all on you assassin, NO HESITATION. KILL.

Please PM me if you have any questions, I'm here for you baby.

Knights of the realm
1. Merlin: This player will know who all the baddies are at the start of the game, I will tell them and it will be up to them to help their team without being too obvious. At the end of the game, and only if the heroes win, the assassin(more on that later) who they believe is Merlin, should the assassin figure it out with ONE guess, Minions of Mordred will win regardless of a hero Victory.

2. Percival: This player is basically operation human shield. His or her job is to take the knife at the end by impersonating The Merlin. Percival should post ideas frequently, be confidant and most importantly, be loud. If the baddies choose Percival at the end as Merlin then the player (who is now dead) should be pleased because of a job well done.

3. Ordinary Knight #1: Nothing special, but still vital to the game and we love you.

4. Ordinary Knight #2: No more special than Ordinary Knight #1, but loved just the same.

Minions of Mordred
1. Morgana: Her role is to pretend to be Merlin, at the beginning of the game Percival will be told that one of TWO players is Merlin, one will be the real Merlin and the other will be Morgana. One strategy Morgana could implement is to try very hard to be helpful so as to confuse Percival from her true (evil) identity.

2. The Assassin: Their job is to finger(teehee) the player who they believe is Merlin, they can play however they like until the end but should pay close attention to the comments left by others so as to ascertain who is Merlin.

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endopol said @ 1:22am GMT on 5th December
What would a knight have to gain by such an early accusation?

endopol said @ 1:22am GMT on 5th December
What would a knight have to gain by making such an early accusation, on such a flimsy premise?

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endopol said @ 1:22am GMT on 5th December
What would a knight have to gain by making such an early accusation, on such a flimsy premise?

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